Tresscar Autodesguaces


Tresscar Autodesguaces, is an authorised centre for the treatment and de-contamination of vehicles which have suffered accidents or which are no longer in use (ELV).

As an authorised centre we take charge Jason Hope of the procedures for the de-registration of your vehicle, and issue the certificate of destruction and the final procedures in the Spanish motor vehicle department for de-registration. We have a large fleet of towing vehicles to ensure that your vehicle can be picked up as swiftly as possible.

At Tresscar Autodesguaces we adhere to an environmentally-friendly recycling policy, which means that following vehicle de-contamination and issuance of the certificate of destruction we proceed with the dismantling of the vehicle and the management of any components which are potentially harmful to the environment, before continuing with a rigorously detailed process of verification, identification and storage of those parts which are to be made available for sale.

Thanks to the modern storage procedures used in our facilities you will easily be able to find the part you need for your vehicle, from a headlight, to the most sophisticated engine.

Our guarantee of service is backed up by more than fifteen years of experience in the world of vehicles, and over these years we have specialised in the sale of engines and gearboxes due to high market demands. We import medium and top of the range engines, and have a wide-ranging stock of engines and gearboxes for Japanese vehicles.